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door jolande

Jolande van Lith heeft het lef om in een wall-sculputure unieke werken rauw in plastic te verpakken. Afgezet met geel/zwart Duits bouwlint. Houten planken beschilderd, karton, leer. Elk werk vertelt een verhaal, samen vormt het een krachtig hedendaags wereldbeeld. In ''The story of a land full of water told by Bart Simpson'' wint de humor haar ironische donkere belichting van de maatschappij. Een land ontstaan uit berekeningen, bruggen, verbindingen, verteerd door watersnoodrampen samengebald in een collage die de muur afschreeuwt. Wassend water versus bloeiende natuur.

Dimensies van het kunswerk (HxB) in cm: 300 x 200

Prijs van het kunstwerk in €: Prijs op aanvraag

Informatie als u het kunstwerk wenst te kopen:

De locatie waar dit kunstwerk wordt geexposeerd is: Arsis Galerie

De periode waarin u het daar kunt zien is: 3 mei t/m 26 mei

Bladeren door de kunstwerken in inlevervolgorde. |

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The story of a land full of water told by Bart Simpson


Jolande van Lith is in search of the ''absolute decline''.  In her latest project #Relithkwie, she continues with old materials; they are painted, mixed with words or collages, knowingly perish and deliberately damaged  to carry out her passion for decay. Part of the process is the dissolution of paper. Her art is about the dialogue and inner struggle of the human mind . About those who are on the sidelines of society. She shows an enormous desire to create a new memory and attention for situations, to change them to different contexts. Its ‘s about perception, raising questions and pushing boundaries. The works are dark and somehow disturbing but strangely enough presented in installations with bold colours. With this she puts the viewer on the wrong track and it shows a sense of humour. The installations demonstrates how van Lith thinks about her art objects, they all have a separate identity but brought together they work on a different level. It all relates to her investigations into social constructions and public perception. The subjects are sometimes uncomfortable but always with beauty, they create space for reflection on humanity. The importance of being recognized, as a person or even as a lost and found object, that’s what matters to her. The artist lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can find her work in collections all over the world. Van Lith won several international awards and is nominated ‘’ Artist of the Year’’; she is also selected for the Top 100 Most Valued Contemporary Artists. With a best selling literature poetry novel and her work in several poetry anthologies she shows how multi talented she is.